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Introducing our fastest and easiest fence ever!


dynafence, timber fence, easy to install, stays straight, good price

DynaFence™ is a revolution in timber fencing. Have you ever wished for a fence that is fast and easy to install, will stay straight and is well priced? DynaFence™ is your answer. 

DynaFence™ comes in modular fence panels, that are easy to handle. It is a simple design and can be used on slopes up to 1:6 gradient. Just fasten together with a few screws, and this makes for a fence that can be installed twice as quick!! Yes, that is right – DOUBLE your install speed. This means that for fencing contractors, you can double your revenue while your overheads stay the same.

Just how fast and easy is the DynaFence installation?

Check out our (extra sped up) video to find out!


  • Fast and easy to install – no nails
  • Suits sloping land
  • Maintains good neighbours – looks the same from both sides
  • Long lasting – stays straight and sturdy
  • Australian design developed for our climate 
  • Sold as a completed modular panel


  • Modular gates 
  • Half-panels – quickly do corners, returns or smaller sections
  • Stiffeners – powder coated steel posts for areas where higher strength is needed
  • Integration on top of concrete sleeper retaining walls or smaller timber sleeper retaining walls 



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