Waste utilisation: How we reduce waste

Waste utilisation

Over 18 months ago, DynaGroup embarked on a major project to create a production line to increase our recovery of fibre, and reduce waste. The production line, which was commissioned in September 2021, is a series of machines, including trim-saws, Wood-Mizer horiztonal band saws and a ripsaw/edger.

We were able to utilise large boards which had defects such as wane edge or round-back, and re-process into smaller sections to create first grade finished products. Not only did this reduce waste, it increased the volume of wood we could send to customers at a time when the market was (and still is) short of product in the overall.

In addition, we installed a chipper which is now able to turn a lot of our rejected products or small offcuts into commercial grade chip. This chip, along with our sawdust, is sold to Laminex who use it to make MDF products.

Being able to recycle and re-use waste is an important part of the sustainability of the industry as a whole.

Some of our customers also do the same thing. Any offcuts, rejected product, or leftover bearers from packs, are turned into dunnage for nearby factories, or garden pegs. This does require some processing equipment, such as drop saws and/or ripsaws, however it is a great job for employees on quiet or rainy days when demand slows down. For a reseller, it is a way of getting some recovery of otherwise unusable product, and help reduce waste going to landfill.

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