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Effective project management is an essential requirement in the construction industry. With deadlines to meet, budgets to adhere to, multiple trades to coordinate and engineering inspections to pass, the successful delivery of a project is a complex undertaking with many moving parts. Failure to successfully plan and manage a project can lead to unforeseen roadblocks and costly scheduling delays. Implementing project management strategies and engaging a project management Partner from the initial planning phase of a project can help to detect and avoid these roadblocks in order to improve project efficiency.


At Intexa, our extensive experience and comprehensive collaboration with Civil Contractors and Developers has empowered us with an in-depth understanding of the construction process and the industry at large. From initial design phase, through to construction, implementation and final sign off, we understand the challenges, conflicts and delays that can arise through poor planning, communication and execution – we also have the software, strategies and capabilities to overcome these challenges.


Intexa’s project management services are designed to improve project efficiency and performance. Our state-of-the-art project management software and extensive on-site experience ensures streamlined communication, pro-active planning, efficient project scheduling and real-time monitoring.


Intexa’s state-of-the-art project management software provides a platform to monitor the progress of your projects daily, helping to schedule the use and availability of resources, trades and materials. High-level monitoring allows for the coordination of multiple projects at once, staggering the distribution of resources and trades to ensure maximum efficiency and avoid scheduling conflicts. The software’s monitoring capabilities will also detect any project delays, enabling immediate corrective action to be taken. The Intexa team meets daily to identify and fast-track resolve any issues that may arise throughout the course of your project.

Intexa’s real-time monitoring software provides resource visibility both to our team and to yours. Using this insight to stagger project start times with pro-active scheduling and allocation of resources ensures project completion dates are met. Intexa’s superintendents are in touch daily – either visiting site directly or communicating with project teams both up and down stream. Our Project Managers will meet and provide weekly updates to Head Contractor’s and associated stakeholders to ensure any blocking issues are being identified and resolved. We also conduct daily Daily Fast Track Issue Resolution (FTIR) meetings in-house.

Intexa can help you to ensure your projects adhere to strict material and installation standards in order to achieve government sign off. Our on-site teams and network of trusted subcontractors boast a wealth of experience in this arena and take full ownership and responsibility for the installation.

Intexa’s project management capabilities extend to include detailed construction schedules that can be generated and distributed well before the start of a project. This process involves pre-site verification where the proposed construction schedule is reviewed to identify and rectify any potential conflicts with subcontractors that may lead to delays.

Intexa’s estimating team possess broad experience across a wide range of construction methods. Should any unidentified design conflicts arise, our estimators are well versed at proposing – and accurately quoting – alternative construction methods and / or design alterations that will still adhere to the project’s specific engineering requirements. Our estimators can perform this service prior to the submission of our project estimate in order to ensure an accurate quote.

Intexa’s experienced team of estimators have developed a robust process that enables the early identification of issues that may lead to delays e.g. design conflicts. Any issues that are identified will quickly be resolved with the Head Contractor to ensure the final submission is both accurate and completed on time. In instances where Intexa can identify an alternative, more cost-effective design, this will also be submitted for consideration.


Intexa’s design team understands the need for developers to maximise the size of saleable blocks of land. Often times, a custom design solution is required to ensure the structure can be built as close to the property boundary as possible. Intexa’s advanced design capabilities and experience allow for the integration of acoustic barriers and retaining walls in one, effectively alleviating the need for multiple subcontractors. This process is far more cost-effective and will still deliver a solution that adheres to all required engineering / government standards.



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