DynaWood Sleepers, Fence Rails, Posts & Colonial Top Fence Palings


DynaWood™ is our standard range of treated fencing and landscaping. This range was developed to give builders and home owners the assurance of quality and treatment integrity.

Our unique ‘incising’ process
Our sleeper, post & rail products are distinguished by the incising marks on the faces. The incising process has been proven to increase the treatment penetration of Pine ‘heartwood’, establishing our product as the best performing in the market. This is very important because of the high proportion of heartwood in Australian landscaping timber. Heartwood in some species is very difficult to penetrate with conventional treatment processes. The incising assures that your landscaping project will stand the test of time.​

Presentation, quality & integrity
DynaTimber’s products are set apart in the market in every way.
Our whole manufacturing process is designed with attention-to-detail at the core.

1. Feedstock aging and moisture content is controlled from when it is received by DynaTimber.
2. Accuracy sawing and docking built into the machines, to reduce inconsistency
3. Products are graded before they are packed, to ensure only the best products make it to the customer
4. Finished packs are made to a standard
5. Zero waste; all downgrade and by-products sold to other industries
6. Advanced computer systems control the entire treatment process, to ensure strength and penetration meets our standards.
7. Treated product only released when it is dry, to ensure their is no contamination of the environment

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