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About DynaGroup

We are passionate about innovation and timber, and we believe this is why we are the leaders in our market.

DynaGroup is a dynamic enterprise specialising in the distribution of outdoor timber products. We have extensive experience in timber manufacturing, and we use this to deliver better products and service to our market.

Every day, we strive to better serve our customers. By partnering with recognised resellers in strategic locations, we combine our high quality product and service with the knowledge and passion of your local and trusted timber expert. This results in contractors and end users having the best timber purchasing experience, that they can’t receive anywhere else.

DynaGroup talks and listens to all players in the timber supply chain, right down to end users. By better understanding the needs and challenges that all stakeholders have, this drives us to continuously improve and innovate.

Company History

DynaGroup is currently owned by second and third generation family members. Since the 1970’s, we have been involved in many aspects of the timber industry, from sawmilling, furniture, processing and wholesaling.

The manufacturing facility is located at Pie Creek, Gympie, on a site that is well placed to service the market in Queensland. The DynaGroup facility in Gympie was restarted in 2008, the treatment plant was commissioned in 2009, the fence paling production line was commissioned in 2010, and the incising line was commissioned in 2014 allowing us to offer our DynaEdge range to customers. We further developed our moulding and bandsaw line in 2018, which enhanced our ability to service customers will special orders and a wider range of sizes.

In 2019, DynaGroup sourced a mini-CLT panel product from New Zealand and launched our premium EcoFence product. Throughout 2020 and 2021, we also launched our DynaFence and DynaWall product ranges, which stand apart in giving contractors and end users access to higher quality products.

The most recent edition to our manufacturing capability was the development of a horizontal bandsaw line, which gave us the ability to recover more products out of otherwise unusable parts of the log. In addition to creating more jobs, it reduced waste and increased the volume of product we could offer customers.

DynaGroup has a reputation for quality, integrity and reliability. It is our mission to continually research and improve our products.

Our Values

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