Retaining Walls

Why build a retaining wall?

Retaining walls can help property owners maximise usable land. A retaining wall is specifically designed to support soil and maintain ground which would otherwise drift down. Your retaining wall can define areas within your landscape, prevent soil erosion and maximise usable space by creating shelves of flat land on an otherwise sloping property.

Does my retaining wall need to be engineered?

Each State/Territory and Council have their own regulations on when you need to get your retaining wall engineered. In QLD, the State and most Council requirements do allow for retaining walls up to 1.0m high without being engineered. However, you still need to satisfy the other requirements.

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We’re the specialists in timber / wooden retaining walls

DynaGroup can provide a range of materials for wooden timber retaining walls, in both treated pine and hardwood products.

We support both the DIY’er and commercial contractors, and we even have the ability to supply F14 hardwood for engineered applications. Treated pine retaining wall is a great solution when you need to meet a budget.

A hardwood retaining wall is for the owner who has a little extra to spend, and is seeking a more traditional, prestigious look.

Whether you are looking at building a timber retaining wall for a functional purpose if you have a steep slope or decorative purposes to layer and landscape your garden, you have come to the right place!

Did you know that we have a branded retaining wall range? Click here to find out more about DynaWall!

We specialise in timber retaining walls for both functional and decorative purposes.

Our landscape timber retaining walls provide a strong structure to restrain soil and rock, whilst also creating a feature through the beauty of the natural timber.

By adding a timber sleeper retaining wall to your garden, you increase your usable garden space by turning what was once an unusable area into a level and functional space, as well as ensuring a safe and stable landscape that will not wash away over time through erosion or flooding. Your garden transforms into a beautiful, functional, safe and lower maintenance space that will stand the test of time year after year.

Timber materials for building a timber retaining wall

We have a range to suit your needs, space and purpose. Our products include both the hardwood timber sleepers for a strong, traditional stylish look, or treated pine sleepers for a more cost effective wooden retaining wall.

Our treated timber retaining walls are

  • Durable
  • Cost effective
  • Natural
  • and environmentally friendly

At Dyna Group, we are passionate about the environment and using sustainable products. We source our timber from pine plantations that have PEFC certification, which means that our timber is sources from forestry planation’s that are controlled and harvested by responsible commercial organisations.

We are proud to support avid DIY’ers with all your timber needs for building a timber retaining wall, however it is important to remember that your wood post and timber are strong enough to withstand the weight of the load that is placed on the wall not only now or the next five years, but the next 20 plus years. It is also worthwhile checking with your local council to find out whether your timber retaining wall needs to be engineered.

We also are proud to support commercial contractors with all your timber needs for building a timber retaining wall.

Need F14 hardwood for engineered application?

Dyna Group’s wood post retaining walls have been transforming outdoor spaces for three generations with quality, integrity and reliability.

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