Acoustic Fencing

Acoustic Fence

An acoustic fence is one constructed of thicker materials and without gaps. It is designed to help reduce the impact of external noise sources. It is often used in commercial applications, around developments such as residential subdivisions, childcare centres, aged care residences, services stations, and shopping centres.

While timber fencing is used a lot in commercial applications, it can also be an effective choice for a homeowner wanting to achieve the same results with noise, or to improve privacy.

Have you ever wondered why your neighbours back yard is always quieter and more peaceful? Perhaps they have installed acoustic fence panels!

Perhaps you’re worried about the development happening next door and the soon to be closer than close neighbours? Acoustic fences are built to ensure that you have privacy and a quieter and more peaceful backyard that your neighbours will envy!

With the increase in indoor-outdoor living lifestyle, closer living proximity as well as integrated residential and commercial spaces, the need for a strong and cost effective solution to reducing noise and increase privacy is increasing important.

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Dyna Group’s expertise in acoustic fencing

EcoFence At Dyna Group, we can create a bespoke acoustic fencing solution for any project, private or commercial!

We have a range of acoustic fences, including our newest branded acoustic fence, EcoFence.

EcoFence is an innovative, versatile wood fencing solution, designed for residential and education uses. It uses modern technology in the form of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels. These panels are designed to prevent shrinkage, making it perfect for acoustic applications.

These panels come standard with non-arsenic treatment, and Green Tag certification, giving architects and developers the peace-of-mind when using this product.

EcoFence can be oiled or painted, giving customers the ability to customise as required.

What are acoustic fence panels?

If you have neighbours with acoustic fencing you will already know what they are and their many benefits.

However, for those who are not familiar with acoustic fences, acoustic fence panels are specifically designed fence panels to deflect sound waves. This means that through the deflection of sound waves, they effectively reduce the sound that travels through to your property. They are a great solution to reduce unwanted external noise, increase the quiet enjoyment of your back yard and increase your property privacy.

Acoustic fencing is:

  • versatile
  • has a low visual impact
  • excellent acoustic performance
  • help reduce unwanted external noise
  • help reduce the external vibrations you may experience

Whilst acoustic fencing is a perfect noise reduction solution, it is important to note that acoustic fence panels do not eliminate external noise. Therefore, one way to optimise the level of noise reduction is to maximise the fence height, which is also an added benefit for increasing both privacy and security of your home.

Where can acoustic fences be used?

Anywhere! Acoustic fencing can be customised to suit your space and with our quick build acoustic fence options available, they are also easy to install, cost effect and a great option for cost conscious families! Whether a large or small space, our acoustic fence panels can add serenity, privacy and style to any space!

Acoustic fencing has been popular in both commercial and domestic environments, and the acoustic fence cost is reasonable and affordable for businesses and homeowners alike, with the thicker materials that have no gaps in between, these acoustic fence panels are strong, durable and last.

Health benefits of acoustic fencing!

Did you know that our acoustic fencing, also referred to as acoustic barriers, could have health benefits for you and your family? Through the reduction of external property noise, our acoustic fencing can assist in providing an improved environment for reduced stress, uninterrupted sleep and many other health issues associated with external noise pollution that adversely affects our daily living and enjoyment of our home.

Environmental benefits!

At DynaGroup, we are passionate about the environment and using sustainable products. We source our timber from pine plantations that have PEFC certification, which means that our timber fencing is sourced from forestry planation’s that are controlled and harvested by responsible commercial organisations.

DynaGroup is an acoustic fencing supplier that focuses on ensuring that the acoustic fence is sustainably sourced, looks great, is effective at noise reduction and last the test of time in style. With custom and quick build acoustic fencing options, we have an acoustics fence solution for you and your space no matter the size!

DynaGroup’s acoustic fencing has been transforming outdoor spaces for 3 generations with quality, integrity and reliability, we can offer custom timber as well as hardwood fencing solutions.

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