Innovative retaining wall products

We’ve just reinvented the retaining wall

This is the latest innovation in retaining walls. It’s an engineered system of posts, sleepers and capping – the DynaLock™ sleeper, the Chamfered sleeper, and the DynaEdge™ sleeper – that avoids many problems with old-style retaining walls.

  • The DynaWall™ System is up to 30% faster to install, saving you labour, time and money.
  • It prevents dirt and weeds getting through between sleepers, keeping the retaining wall looking great for longer.
  • It’s better looking and more attractive than other retaining walls.
  • It’s less expensive than hardwood or concrete retaining walls.
  • DynaWall is straighter than hardwood or standard pine.
  • DynaWall has a much smaller carbon footprint than concrete. (Using one cubic metre of timber product instead of one cubic metre of concrete diverts approx. ONE TONNE of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere!)

It’s better looking, better lasting and better for the environment.

Why do contractors and designers love using DynaWall for their clients? Find out about the benefits in our DynaWall video!

Watch Simon Brady from Ironbark Timber Sunshine Coast review the DynaWall System on 'Talking Timber'.


Each State/Territory and Council have their own regulations on when you need to get your retaining wall engineered. In QLD, the State and most Council requirements do allow for retaining walls up to 1.0m high without being engineered. However, you still need to satisfy the other requirements.

Click here to find out your State/Territory and Council requirements.

  • Timber retaining walls give a natural warmth and beauty to your outdoor setting, that you don’t get with concrete or steel products.
  • Timber is a carbon storing building material. By using 1 cubic metre of timber, in place of concrete, it reduces the carbon in the atmosphere by 1 tonne.
  • Timber is a great DIY option, requiring very little specialised equipment.
  • Timber is lighter than any other materials, reducing the need for hiring machinery, and being much easier on your body.
  • In QLD, when used up to 1.0m high, does not require engineering or building approval.
  • When installed correctly, will last for 25 years and more.
  • It is the most cost effective, both for materials and if it is installed.

Extract from the Timber Queensland Technical Design Guide on Garden Walls up to 1.0m high:

DynaWall is a very economical retaining wall design. To purchase the materials from one of our Resellers in the SE QLD area, it would cost $85-100 per square metre. However, this all depends on how you decide to build your retaining wall.

DynaWall is a very economical retaining wall design compared with other common types. To purchase materials only, it would be approximately 20-30% cheaper than a hardwood retaining wall, and approximately 50% cheaper than a concrete sleeper retaining wall.

Technical Documentation

Timber Queensland Technical Data Sheet – Timber Garden Walls (retaining walls up to 1 metre high)

Timber Queensland Technical Data Sheet – Timber Retaining Walls for Residential Applications

About Our Range


Foremost in this range is our DynaLock™ tongue-and-groove ‘interlocking’ sleeper. It is a premium product and has many features and benefits for both trade and DIY users. It will stop the individual sleepers moving out of line with each other, will stop dirt coming out from between the sleepers, and will stop weeds growing between the sleepers. This will ensure that over time, your wall will continue to look a class above.


In addition, we have introduced a range of ‘Chamfered’ sleepers. These can be used generally as retaining posts and capping and will help set your retaining wall apart.


The DynaEdge™ range is for the more discerning homeowner and contractor that wants something ‘extra’ in their outdoor project. It is distinguished by the ‘arrissed’ edges and comes from a higher grade of feedstock.

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