Timber is the perfect product to use in any outdoor setting. It has natural warmth and beauty, is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials and is very cost effective.

As a natural product, timber that is exposed to external conditions and weather without any protection will display the effects of weathering and aging. In most cases, the timber will fade and discolour to a grey colour and will be prone to splitting and surface checking.

The DynaCare range has been created to provide options to improve the longevity of timber, and enhance the natural beauty of our products.

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Tanacoat is a premium timber oil which offers enhanced durability for any timber structure used in an external application. It has been formulated to maximise its effectiveness and longevity across a wide range of attributes; UV protection, water repellency, moisture stability, discolouration, fungus, and more.

Tanacoat is an oil-based product. In its natural state, it has a light brown tint which adds extra colour to the timber you are coating. Being a penetrating oil, it leaves almost no coating or film on the surface of the timber. This benefits the timber fibre as more oil is absorbed into the timber and makes it easier to maintain. Tanacoat is non-flammable and has low odour. It is easy to apply, easy to clean, and easy to store.

Tanacoat can be used on any hardwood or pine products, and in applications such as fencing, landscaping, decking, pergola or playground project.

Copper Naphthenate Products

Copper Naphthenate (CN) is a heavy-duty product that offers extra preservation protection. CN products come in two forms: an oil, and an emulsion.

CN products are often used where the treatment seal of the timber has been broken (e.g., a piece of timber has been cut). By applying a CN product to the cut end, this will ensure that the product continues to be protected from rot and wood borers.

The end grain of exposed timber sections, such as the top of posts, or end of exposed rails, should also be treated with a CN oil. When exposed to weather and sunlight, the end grain will dry out and start cracking/splitting. The CN products will increase water repellence, which will slow down the cracking and splitting.

CN Oil – CN oil is a clear product, and can be easily applied with a paint brush, roller, broom, etc.

CN Emulsion – CN emulsion is coloured green and has the consistency of grease or paste. It can easily be applied to the timber with a spatula or paint brush.

Product Table

DC-TIMBERCOAT-4LDynaCare Timbercoat 4L4.5 kg
DC-TANACOAT-10LDynaCare Tanacoat 10L10.8 kg
DC-TANACOAT-20LDynaCare Tanacoat 20L21.6 kg
DC-CNOIL-20LDynaCare CN Oil 20L21.6 kg
DC-CNEMULSION-20KGDynaCare CN Emulsion 20KG21.6 kg


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