Chamfered Sleepers

Part of the DynaWall range of innovative retaining wall systems

Part of the DynaWall range of innovative retaining wall systems

Our Chamfered Sleepers are part of the DynaWall™ branded range of innovative retaining wall products. These can be used generally as retaining posts and capping and will help set your retaining wall apart.

Dynalock side view

Features & Benefits

  • Tapered smooth top surface, rough sawn back
  • Sleeper size has a grooved back, to allow it to locate the DynaLock sleeper
  • Allows for water to run off when installed horizontally
  • Feature to give a unique look
  • Better aesthetics
  • Reduced splinter risk, making the boards easier to handle
  • No deterioration of the treatment integrity

Ideal Uses

  • Residential retaining walls, up to 1.0m high
  • Outdoor gardens/entertaining areas
  • Non-structural feature walls
dynawall product chart

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