Part of the DynaWall range of innovative retaining wall systems

DynaEdge™ is part of the DynaWall™ branded range of innovative retaining wall products. It has been created to deliver a choice of premium products to enhance outdoor spaces.

The DynaEdge™ range is for the more discerning homeowner and contractor that wants something ‘extra’ in their outdoor project. It is distinguished by the ‘arrissed’ edges and comes from a higher grade of feedstock.

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The benefits of ‘pre-arrissing’

As manufacturers, we understand our role in providing products that are install- ready. The DynaEdge™ range does exactly this, on all the major product groups.

  • The arrissed products have significant benefits, productivity, aesthetics, environmental responsibility and safety
  • Improved preservation process in our manufacturing facility
  • Improved appearance of the finished project
  • Time-saver for tradespeople (who would otherwise machine the edges by hand)
  • Less product waste
  • Reduced splinter risk, making the boards easier to handle
  • No deterioration of the treatment integrity
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