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Wood is one of the most environmentally friendly mainstream building materials used across the world. Naturally, wood stores the carbon that it absorbs from the atmosphere, which helps to mitigate the greenhouse effect.

In Queensland alone, there is over 55 million hectares of forests. Of this, approx. 340,000 hectares is managed by HQ Plantations, the largest plantation company in the state.

According to Timber Queensland, “the 24,000 hectares of timber plantations in South-East Queensland remove 4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum from the atmosphere, which is roughly equivalent to Brisbane’s carbon dioxide emissions.”

Trees are hugely beneficial to the environment, due to their natural absorption of carbon dioxide and other potentially harmful gases such as sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide. In exchange, they release oxygen.

Read more about how forests are managed sustainably and responsibly here 


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