Oiled Timber

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Oiled Timber

At Dynagroup, the majority of our timber products can be oiled or pre-oiled. By oiling your timber, you can bring out the full character and effect of your beautiful new wood. Oil can be applied over the top of stains, or directly to bare timber.

Whether you’re looking for timber fencing, fence palings, acoustic fencing or stunning garden edging, oiling your timber can make your outdoor space stand out from the rest.

Oiled timber doesn’t just have aesthetic benefits, but a range of other purposes to transform your outdoor space. By oiling your product, you can enhance the natural structure of the timber and formulate a water-repellent protective barrier against everyday wear and tear.

Through penetrating the timber, the oil seeps in to replace and replenish the naturally occurring oils that may be lost due to age, weather conditions and general wear and tear, you can revive your timber’s natural colour and bring it back to life in the process.

Oiling vs Staining

Both timber oils and stains have their own unique advantages. Fundamentally, what differentiates oils from stains is that a stain works to improve the appearance of the timber by changing the timber colour; while an oil works to enhance the current colour if you are wanting to leave your wood as is. As mentioned, oiling timber will bring out the natural beauty of your product, whereas taining is used to modify the overall colour of the wood.

Why you should consider oiling your timber products

As with wooden sheds and decking, garden fences and sleepers are exposed to extreme weathering and sunlight. This can cause your fencing to eventually lose some natural wood oils from the fence panel timbers. This can result in warping, cracking and splitting as well as water ingress, mould, algae and wood rot.

In resistance to Australia’s climate conditions, fence panels and posts can be protected with UV resistant wood oils. This can significantly slow the process of timber losing its character, as sunlight exposure can naturally turn the timber grey.

We specialise in oiled and stained timber

At DynaGroup, we know the importance of protecting and ensuring that your timber products appear as stunning as possible, for as long as possible. As timber specialists, we can help you transform your outdoor spaces in a way that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. We are 100% Australian owned, which means we manufacture products that are well-suited to the Aussie climate and are made to withstand external influences.

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