Fence Palings

A Guide on Fence Palings

Paling fences are a common and conventional type of timber fence throughout Queensland. Sometimes known as picket fencing, they provide the perfect solution for perimeter panelling around the garden edge and home. These fence palings can be stained or painted if desired or be bought in a range of colours to suit your style.


Paling fences are most commonly used as back or side boundary fences for residential developments, commercial developments, aged care/lifestyle communities, daycare/childcare facilities and individual homes throughout Queensland. Many choose to block out unattractive areas (such as wheelie bins in the corner of the garden) or create pool fencing for added safety within their grounds.

With the treatment in the timber offering long term resistance against fungal decay and insects such as termites, fence palings have impressive life spans that make them the perfect investment.

paling fence in garden

Construction of fence palings

Traditionally, a paling fence is constructed using treated pine posts, palings and rails. Fence panels can be constructed from either treated softwood or hardwood, both providing privacy and security without breaking the bank.

Treated softwood fences are often a less costly option compared to hardwood. Softwoods such as pine weigh less and are easier to transport and work with due to their soft and light nature. Often, softwoods are known to be less durable because of these characteristics.

Hardwood fencing is known to be much stronger, which is why they are typically more expensive. This makes the panels slightly more difficult to transport and work with due to their weight but are known to last longer compared to treated softwood panels. Hardwood fence palings often come in a greater range of colours and textures.

Paling Fence Styles

Palings can also be horizontal or vertical, which can have huge aesthetic differences, making it an important choice. Commonly, picket and timber fencing are assembled vertically but, increasingly, horizontal palings are becoming popular for homeowners looking for a more alternative style.

Horizontal palings can be a contemporary and unique option, while also allowing you select various lengths of panels to incorporate. Horizontal picket fencing can be great for showcasing how long and wide your property and garden is, with the timber postings creating a feel of elongation.

The modern nature of horizontal fencing may not be a suitable option for every home. If your house has a traditional and conventional style, you may be better off with vertical fencing. Not only this, but If you want a fence that will make your home appear higher, you may be more satisfied with vertical panels.

How to know what’s right for you

While taking your home and personal style into consideration, it is also important to consider your budget. Often, the more unique the design, the higher the level of skilled labour needed to bring it to life which will be key in deciding what type of fence paling will be right for your home.

For design inspiration and help, contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your vision or give you a free quote.

Our range of timber fence palings

100 x 25 Paling

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75 x 16 Paddle Pop Paling

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75 x 16 Colonial Top Paling

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100 x 16 Paling

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75 x 16 Paling

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