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Introducing our innovative new acoustic fence


What is EcoFence?

EcoFence is a premium acoustic fencing panel designed for high end residential and commercial purposes.

The EcoFence panel

Made from Cross Laminated Timber to prevent shrinkage, maximise density & increase durability, EcoFence’s high-density CLT (15.1kg/m2) provides more acoustic protection than most fences. It’s ideal for high noise zones near roads, train lines, industrial areas, commercial areas etc. This proven system has been used successfully in the New Zealand market for years.

What makes EcoFence better?

The tongue & groove system ‘slots together’, making EcoFence fast and easy to install, plus you can choose from a horizontal or vertical board design. This system is more resistant to warping/ twisting due to tongue & groove system and the strength of the CLT. The identical appearance on either side makes it a neighbour-friendly fencing option, and there are no rails for children to climb, which makes EcoFence a popular option for childcare centres and kindergartens.

Very cost effective compared to many competitors, EcoFence also comes with environmentally-friendly MicroPro treatment and Green Tag certification for peace of mind. It can be oiled or painted, giving you options for colours/finishes and the ability to match other structures. Unlike some modular acoustic fencing systems, the small components and comparatively light weight make site access easier when installing EcoFence.

With all these advantages, it’s no wonder EcoFence is The Quiet Achiever in acoustic fencing.

EcoFence panel specifications

  • Species: Radiata pine (pinus radiata)
  • Dimensions: 275mm width (cover) x 29mm depth x 1790mm length
  • Density: 15kg/m2 (at 15% moisture content)
  • Treatment: MicroPro H3
  • Country of origin: New Zealand (Northland region)
  • Panel features:
      • mini-CLT panel (cross laminated timber)
      • T&G joining system (tongue-and-groove)

The System

EcoFence comes in several type of post systems and with other standard components, to suit a range of applications. The posts and other components are designed to be modular and can be easily assembled and even modified. The fence system goes together easily with standard tools and fasteners.

In addition, the EcoFence can be designed with the panels in either vertical or horizontal orientation.

Timber post system

The timber post system is made of two timber components and a galvanised metal stiffener. This gives the post a traditional look, while ensuring it is rigid enough to stay straight and true.

With the galvanised metal stiffener, this can be custom design to be able to meet any engineering requirement.

Metal post system

By using a metal post system you can achieve an amazing contemporary look, blending in the two material types. For any standard or residential fence, most standard colourbond fencing components can be utilised.

However for more engineered projects, a custom designed post would be required.

Your custom post system

Does your project require something unique? Maybe connecting to a block wall or concrete sleeper retaining wall? Or to a concrete slab? Or does it need to be engineered?

If so, you can design your own to your specific requirements, and the modular EcoFence will fit easily to give you the perfect solution.


  • Residential properties
  • Multi-residential developments
  • Estate/subdivision boundaries
  • Childcare & education
  • Government projects
  • Feature fences
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