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Timber – it’s warm, natural, beautiful, durable and sustainable – and cared for properly, it can last a lifetime. But to make your timber last, and look its best for as long as possible, it must be protected from Australia’s harsh climate.

Tanacoat® reduces the effects of natural aging and weathering. Over time unprotected timber will go grey, which is caused by sun damage. The timber will also be affected by ‘checking’ (tiny cracks in the timber surface) which is caused by the constant swelling and shrinkage of the timber as it absorbs moisture and then dries out again.

Tanacoat – For Protection From Water Damage

Tanacoat is a penetrating timber oil, which means it soaks into the timber and protects the timber all the way through from the effects of moisture. Tanacoat is specially formulated to act as a water repellent, as the formulation has a very high ‘solids’ content. The solids are what block up and seal the pores in the
timber after moisture has evaporated, making the timber more stable and water repellent. Tanacoat is also formulated to help reduce the spread of mould.

Tanacoat is different to many other products which are film-forming treatments that, like paint, create a coat over the top of the timber. The downside to filmforming treatments is that if the coating should get scratched, punctured or broken (such as by dropping something on your deck), the timber is then exposed
to potential water damage and rot due to water being trapped inside the film/ coating. Because Tanacoat penetrates into the timber without forming a film, this potential problem is significantly reduced.

For the best protection, all six sides of each piece of timber should be oiled. For example, if only the top of a decking board is treated with Tanacoat then moisture can still get in to the timber through the sides or ends. If the timber is only coated on the top and not the bottom of the board, the top and bottom will dry out at different rates causing quality issues such as cupping. Often the underside of a deck can be very difficult to reach after it has been constructed. In this type of project it is recommended that you ‘pre-oil’ your timber before installation. As the slogan says, you should Tanacoat first – and make your timber last

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Tanacoat – For Protection From Sun Damage

Harsh ultraviolet rays can cause unprotected timber to become aged and weathered. Relatively quickly, the timber can change to a grey colour. Tanacoat contains an organic UV protector to help block these effects. In addition, Tanacoat also has a natural golden-brown tint which acts as a ‘second’ UV protector. Many other timber treatments are clear and don’t have this second level of protection (unless you purchase an additional tint).

Tanacoat – For Trusted Reliability

Tanacoat® was one of the first solvent-based oils developed. It was created in Queensland more than two decades ago by a chemist with a deep understanding of timber preservation.

Tanacoat was specifically developed for local government. Councils needed a superior timber oil which was environmentally friendly to use on hardwood structures in community areas such as parks, boardwalks and playgrounds.

With its low-odour, non-flammable formulation, Tanacoat is used in commercial and council applications such as park furniture, boardwalks, landscaping timber, retaining walls etc., as well as residential applications such as decks, pergolas,
retaining walls and fences.

Tanacoat – How Much Do I Need?

We are passionate about innovation and timber, and we believe this is why we are the leaders in our market.

Dried, aged, weathered or rough-sawn timber4 - 6 m2 per litre6 - 8 m2 per litre
New or smooth timber, or recoating (short duration)8 - 12 m2 per litre12 - 16 m2 per litre

Tanacoat – How Cost Effective Is It?

The protection that Tanacoat provides is very cost effective compared to the overall cost of a deck. As an example, these costs are for a 12 x 3m deck with retail/DIY pricing for materials:

Approx. deck costSingle Tanacoat®DoubleTanacoat®
Pine deck (HW structure):$210 – 240 / m2$6.70 / m2 Approx. 3%$11.20 / m2 Approx. 5%
Merbau deck (HW structure):$235 – 265 / m2$6.25 / m2 Approx. 2.5%$8.75 / m2 Approx. 3.5%
Spotted Gum deck (HW structure):$270 – 300 / m2$6.25 / m2 Approx. 2.25%$8.75 / m2 Approx. 3%


There are many oils on the market and they all make claims about longevity. How long an oil lasts depends on many factors, so it is hard to give an accurate duration. Just a few of the factors that can influence this include:

  • Timber species
  • Weather exposure
  • Amount of foot traffic
  • If the Tanacoat was applied according to best practice

If your project is not fully exposed to weather, is in a low to moderate traffic area, and has been coated twice as per the best practice, it could achieve approximately 12-months before needing another Tanacoat. However, remember the simple rule: “If water stops beading, it needs another Tanacoat”

Tanacoat has a natural tint in it, which is a light golden-honey colour. Refer to the samples to see what it looks like on some common species.

For decks, a pad applicator is the best product to use for the main areas, and a brush for the areas which are close to another object, or for cutting in around

Rollers can also be used for decks, fences and retaining walls if they have large, flat surfaces. The best types would be rollers with a low profile/thickness of

Tanacoat works well through any spray gun for fences and retaining walls

Like any other oil, Tanacoat can’t ‘lock in’ tannins to prevent bleeding. Tanacoat helps to repel moisture and water being absorbed into the hardwood, so this can help with tannins.


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