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Acoustic Fence

Soundproof fencing is not something we automatically think of when it comes time to replace our property boarders or putting up a fresh divide. It is commonly used in commercial developments for both reducing external noise as well as increasing privacy.

However, sound proof fencing is increasingly becoming a very popular choice for homeowners who, as with many new home builds, particularly housing development communities, find themselves in very close proximity to their neighbours. Noise reduction fence, or acoustic fence as it is sometimes referred to, is a great solution to close or noisy neighbours, especially if you have young children. Why put up with neighbours mowing their lawns at 6am on a Sunday morning, when you can have noise reduction fence panels with a timber fence and sit back and enjoy the serenity.

It is also very effective at reducing traffic noise if you are on a busy street. So, having an option for sound proof fencing that will block out the sights and sounds of neighbours and traffic is often not a luxury, but a necessity.

What is sound proof fencing?

The sound reducing fence panels are constructed from strong durable materials that are much stronger and more durable than your regular fence panels, resulting in fence panels that reduce noise, look great and stand the test of time. They are specifically designed and installed to insulate and intercept sounds waves which effectively reducing noise levels.

The no gap structure is important to intercept sound waves, however there are a few other considerations when choosing the right sound proof fencing panel so that it is effective.

Sound proof fencing application – What you should consider

The distance between your home and the fence is an important element, as the bigger the gap between your home and the sound reducing fence, the better the effectiveness of the noise reducing fence panel. Weather conditions are also a factor for sound reduction fencing, as the wind can carry noise. Lastly, the height of the fence needs to be carefully considered to ensure that noise reduction is optimised.

The design, construction and height of the sound reducing fence panels will depend on these factors mentioned and most importantly, the type of noise that you wish to block out, however no matter your need and space, we can customise and provided you with the ideal sound proof fencing for every noise concern!

The noise reduction fence panel cost is very reasonable and due to the stronger materials, they outlast regular fencing that can quickly deteriorate. Therefore, the sound reducing fence panel cost is a worthwhile investment in your property, as it will not only be a lasting feature, but also provide endless peace of mind for the quiet enjoyment of your space.

Commercial & domestic sound proofing fences

The quiet enjoyment and privacy of your property is the most common reason that property owners invest in noise reduction fencing domestically. However sound reduction fencing has been a staple to the commercial construction industry for a long time.

We design, build and install soundproof fencing for a range of industries, types of business and noise reduction requirements.

Do you run a childcare and need to block our external noise so that the children can sleep? Aged care facility that needs a serene space for residents to enjoy? Operating heavy machinery and need to insulate noise exposure?

We have the solution for you! DynaGroup’s soundproof fencing panels have been transforming outdoor spaces for 3 generations with quality, integrity and reliability.

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