Modular fences: Premium fencing for a fraction of the cost

Modular fences: Premium fencing for a fraction of the cost

Modular fencing systems have transformed the Australian fencing market, offering countless benefits to the average homeowner. But what exactly is a modular fence? And how does it differ from the typical garden fence?

A modular fence (or modular wall) is a free-standing wall system, made up of different segments (or modules) that slot together to form one solid structure. Modular walls are constructed using panel and post varieties that are designed and manufactured with a lightweight inner core and a solid outer skin. Because of the lightweight interior, the material works to absorb external sound vibrations, therefore reducing noise pollution. The solid outer membrane gives the fencing panel the firmness, sturdiness, and durability necessary for an outdoor fencing system.

What are modular fences used for?

Modular walls can be used for a huge range of needs. This includes garden fencing, outdoor boundary walls, acoustic fencing, sound-proofing, feature walls, privacy purposes and acoustic enclosures. The multi-use capabilities are what makes modular fencing so attractive to homeowners. While the thickness and height of the wall may vary and other specialised inputs may be used to enhance specific characteristics, all of Dyna Group’s modular fences are manufactured to be multi-purpose.

What are the main benefits of this type of modular fencing?

  1. Excellent noise reduction capabilities: Depending on a variety of factors such as location, noise pollution can be a pain for any homeowner. Whether it be road noise, terrain or neighbours, modular fencing has been proven to perform better than traditional fencing types with respect to lowering noise pollution.
  2. Outstanding versatility: As mentioned above, modular walls can be used in a wide range of environments; in both residential properties and even commercial properties.
  3. High durability: Due to the solid outer layer, modular fencing is sturdy, resistant and durable. This also brings with it the benefit of being long-lasting, meaning you won’t have to worry about replacing it for a long time.
  4. Aesthetically pleasing: Homeowners can select from an extensive array of fencing designs and styles to complements both their outdoor and indoor space.
  5. Environmentally friendly: Modular fencing, in particular the products we offer, are specifically engineered to be environmentally friendly in all aspects. This is throughout the material sourcing, manufacturing process and through to installation.

Dyna Group solutions

Here at Dyna Group, we can help you find the best fencing solution for you, whether that be a modular fence or otherwise. By choosing Dyna Group, we can guarantee that your system will be specifically designed for Aussie conditions because we are an 100% Australian-owned timber fencing manufacturer and wholesaler. So you know you’re getting a product made for your needs, as well as being sustainability focused.

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