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Project: Private Residence Boundary Fence

Project: Private Residence Boundary Fence

Customer: Private Residence
Product: DynaFence
Total length: 262m
Location: Gympie, QLD
Date: January 2021 

DynaFence was selected as the perfect boundary complement to a dream acreage home.

Dyna Group is pleased to have been selected to supply the boundary fencing for a prestigious home in one of the premier real estates in Gympie. The scope of our services included design, drawing, pre-oiling, manufacture and delivery.

The site is significantly undulating, so it was important that the fence chosen could still follow that natural contours of the land. DynaFence can do this, with an ability to naturally slope on a gradient up to 1:6 (or 400mm over a 2400mm panel).

DynaFence offers the client full privacy while still maintaining a soft, residential look. It was important in order to keep in with other styles of fencing in the area, and to ensure that it would continue to look great the customer opted to have the palings pre-oiled.

The customer says, “I was looking for a solution that will still look smart in two years’ time, and Dyna Group was able to supply it with pre-oiled palings. Even though this cost a little extra, it was far cheaper than oiling it after the fence was up. We are really pleased with our decision to get DynaFence.”

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